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PTFE Wires & Cables
know what ptfe electronics do?
WireWe introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of High Voltage, High Temperature & High Frequency Specialty PTFE insulated Equipment Wires, Multicore Cables and Sleeves that meets International as well as Indian quality standards like MIL-W-16878, BS3G210 and JSS-51034. Over the years we manufactured wires and cables that are being used in marine application, defense applications, aerospace applications, power supply systems, various lighting and signaling applications of railways & radars, excavators and other precision applications.
Our Commitment
total customer satisfaction.
bullet Testing of 100% supplies.
bullet Quick and cost effective delivery
bullet Our designed Wires and Cables sustainable even upto 1500°C
bullet Customized Designing of complex requirements of the customers
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