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PTFE Insulated Hookup Wires

We manufacture variety of PTFE insulated hookup wires in small-to-large gauge, solid as well as stranded, prominently used for making internal connections inside electrical or electronic devices. Our Standard wires satisfies the international standard MIL-W-16878 & BS3G210 and Indian Standard JSS 51034.

Conductors Annealed Bare Copper/Silver plated copper/Nickel plated Copper/Tin Plated Copper.
Hookup Cables
Hookup Cables
Insulation PTFE Tape Wrapped Sintered (TWS)
Voltage Rating 250V AC (Type ET)/600V AC (Type E)/ 1000V AC (Type EE)/As per customer Requirements.
Temperature Range - ve 65°C to +ve 260°C
Colors All 11 solid standard colors and Natural opaque. Bicolor and color Stripping is also available.
Properties Resistance to Fire, chemicals, Acids, Sunlight, Moisture and Corona

Technical specification of the Wires and Cables : Insulation is mainly governed by working voltage, mechanical protections and capacitance. The Standard insulation are ET (250V), E (600V) and EE(1000V). We also offer ET+ as insulation  which is between ET and E. Following is the technical specification of various standard wires we manufactures;PDF

All 11 solid standard colours and Natural opaque. Bicolour is also available.

HV Test

Type Spark Test (for One Second) Dielectric Test (for one Minute)
ET (250 V) 2.5 KVAC 1.5 KVAC
E (600 V) 3.4 KVAC 2.0 KVAC
EE (1000 V) 5.0 KVAC 3.0 KVAC
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