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RF Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cable are used for transmission of high frequency energy and signals with low loss and with minimal phase and amplitude distortion.

The Co-axial cable type RG were originally developed for Military applications. They meet the requirements of American Military regulation MIL-C-17, because of their internationally acclaimed constant high quality, they are today employed through out the whole field of High Frequency Technology.

Conductor Silver Plated Copper Covered Steel..
Multicore Cables
Insulation PTFE Tape Wrapped Sintered (TWS)
Braiding Silver Plated Copper. Double Braiding is also available.
Secondary Insulation PTFE Tape Wrapped Sintered (TWS)

Why PTFE insulation under Rf Coaxial Cables

  • RF transmission equipment typically operate in hostile working condition eg satellite, radar system etc. PTFE offers unparalleled protection against the such environment.
  • PTFE is one of the lowest dielectric constant and loss factor material
  • Inert to practically all chemicals even at elevated temperatures
  • Fire (flame) proof
  • Smaller size, lighter weight and much higher reliability
  • Excellent thermal stability for use from -60C to 260C.
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